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Impress and Learn: 10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Interviewer


Job interviews are a two-way street. Just as the company evaluates you, it’s your chance to decide if the position and workplace align with your goals. Asking thoughtful questions reveals your genuine interest and can help you stand out in the pool of applicants. Prepare yourself with these strategic questions, adapted from insights by Hays Recruiting Experts Worldwide.

1. Gain Insights into the Position and Industry

  • “Could you describe how this position has evolved, and what future directions do you see for it?” Shows your desire to understand the role’s growth potential and its place within the organization.
  • “What are some of the most significant trends currently impacting your industry?” This question allows you to showcase your sector knowledge and proactive thinking. (Reference relevant industry news as a conversation starter).

2. Investigate Career Growth Opportunities

  • “What professional development or growth opportunities are available within the company?” Indicates your ambition and long-term career aspirations. A positive response highlights the company’s investment in employee advancement.

3. Understand the Company’s Daily Operations

  • “Could you describe a typical day in this position?” Uncover details about responsibilities, work-life balance, and whether the pace aligns with your preferences.
  • “What are the primary goals or objectives for this role within the next 6 months or year?” Reveals expectations and how you could make a tangible impact.

4. Learn About Your Potential Team

  • “Can you describe the team I’d be working with? What are their strengths, and how does collaboration happen?” This reveals company culture and potential for a cohesive working environment. (Tip: Prior research on LinkedIn provides additional talking points)

5. Explore Interactions and Collaboration

  • “Which other departments interact with this role most frequently?” Understand the level of cross-functional work and communication required for success.

6. Get the Inside Scoop on Company Culture

  • “From your perspective, what are the most rewarding aspects of working at this company?” Learn directly about the culture, values, and what sets the workplace apart.

7. Highlight Your Ability to Tackle Challenges

  • “What are some of the current challenges that someone in this role might face?” This sets the stage for you to explain how your skills and experience can help overcome those obstacles. (Consider referencing challenges mentioned in the job description)

8. Demonstrate an Interest in Feedback and Growth

  • “How does the company approach feedback and performance reviews? What is the typical frequency?” Commitment to growth and openness to feedback are admirable qualities.

9. Seek Professional Development Opportunities

  • “Does the company support external training opportunities or provide internal development programs?” A focus on continual learning shows your eagerness to stay updated in your field and add value to the company.

10. Clarify the Next Steps in the Process

  • “What are the next stages in the selection process, and what is the expected timeline?” Taking initiative reveals your enthusiasm and helps you manage your expectations.


Additional Tips to Elevate Your Questions

  • Tailor Questions: Link some questions directly to information in the job description or the company website.
  • Show Enthusiasm: Ask with genuine interest; a positive attitude makes you more memorable.
  • Practice: Rehearsal ensures a natural, confident delivery and allows you to adjust phrasing as needed.


Remember, strong questions can transform your interview into a meaningful conversation that leaves a lasting impression!


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