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Anna Lindh Foundation 2024 Mediterranean Youth in Action Programme

Anna Lindh Foundation 2024 Mediterranean Youth in Action Programme

The Mediterranean Youth in Action (MYA) Programme embodies a dynamic approach toward fostering positive change in the Euro-Mediterranean region. Grounded in the principle of experiencing through action, MYA empowers young individuals to become catalysts for transformation and advocates for societal progress. With a steadfast commitment to peer sharing and learning, MYA cultivates a vibrant community where young leaders collaborate, exchange ideas, and harness their collective potential.

Embracing a Euro-med vision, the MYA Programme bridges cultural divides and promotes dialogue, understanding, and cooperation across borders. Through initiatives aimed at empowering young people to shape public policy and promoting active citizenship, MYA positions youth as the true agents of change, envisioning a future where they play pivotal roles in shaping the societal landscape of the Mediterranean region.

About Anna Lindh Foundation

The Anna Lindh Foundation is an international organisation working from the Mediterranean to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarisation.

Anna Lindh Foundation

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Mediterranean Youth in Action Programme

Aim and Benefits of Mediterranean Youth in Action Programme

  • Online training with certification (for 50 young researchers)

Acquire advanced skills through an online training programme led by experts. Upon completion, receive a certification from the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) Secretariat.

  • Face-to-face Knowledge Workout Workshop (for 25 selected researchers)

Immerse yourself in an engaging face-to-face workshop, gaining valuable insights and feedback that will refine your research approach and methodologies.

  • Financial support for policy brief publication (for selected researchers)

Excel to be among the 15 selected researchers who will be tasked with crafting a 3,500-word policy brief, a blog post (500 words), and other impactful communication products; the successful researchers will receive a financial contribution of 1.000 euro.

  • Increase the visibility of your evidence-based research

Make your evidence-based research accessible to various stakeholders and practitioners. Leveraging the ALF communication tools and network will enhance the dissemination of your research.

  • Civil Society Outreach Dialogues (for selected researchers)

Participate in Civil Society Outreach Dialogues to be organised nationally. Join these 2-hour sessions accompanied by local stakeholders and civil society representatives. Engage the public, making your research visible and impactful in communities.

  • Financial support for academic dialogues (for selected researchers)

Receive financial support to organise an Academic Dialogue (1.5 hours) in your institution. These dialogues may take various forms, from specialised seminars for the academic/research community to interactive events for student engagement. This initiative aims to empower young researchers and enhance their visibility within their work contexts.

Build valuable connections within your field and beyond. Engage with fellow researchers, stakeholders, and civil society representatives, creating a robust network for potential collaborations and future endeavours.

Requirements for Mediterranean Youth in Action Programme Qualification

  • Young researchers of age between 18 and 35, from the 43 countries of the UFM, who are proficient in English, and affiliated to a think tank, a specialized research centre or a university.

Application Deadline

June 27, 2024

How to Apply

Interested and qualified? Go to Anna Lindh Foundation on to apply

  • Initiate your involvement by submitting your online application via the available online form only before 27 June 2024 23.59 Central European Time, CET.
  • Ensure alignment with the criteria, demonstrating your commitment to driving positive change in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

For more details, visit Anna Lindh Foundation website. 

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