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How to Receive Professional Compliments with Confidence: Strategies for Embracing Positive Feedback


Do you cringe when someone compliments your work? While praise should feel validating, many of us struggle with how to respond gracefully. Research by Harvard Business Review [] reveals that even though most employees value recognition, a significant portion feel awkward accepting it. Fear of appearing arrogant or the influence of imposter syndrome can make it difficult to embrace well-deserved compliments. However, learning how to receive praise is vital for building relationships, boosting morale, and leveraging future opportunities.

Why Do Compliments Matter in the Workplace?

  • Validation of Your Efforts: Compliments signal your work is valued and aligns with company goals. It’s a sign you’re doing something right!
  • Stronger Relationships: Positive feedback encourages connection with colleagues, supervisors, and clients, which enhances collaboration.
  • Performance Indicator: Praise becomes a benchmark for what the company appreciates, guiding you to continue these behaviors.
  • Boosts Motivation: Feeling acknowledged can motivate you to push further and invest more in your career development.


How to Accept Professional Recognition – Key Strategies

1. Embrace the Recognition: You Deserve It!

The battle starts internally. Instead of deflecting compliments, let yourself savor the recognition. This doesn’t equate to arrogance; it’s acknowledging your effort and achievements. Try practicing positive affirmations to overcome feelings of unworthiness.

2. Say a Simple “Thank You”

The classic “thank you” is universally appropriate. You can elaborate, like “Thank you, I appreciate you saying that” or “That means a lot, thank you.” If it feels meaningful, share how the compliment resonated: “Thanks for noticing, I’ve been working hard to improve my [skill name].”

3. Share the Spotlight (When Warranted)

Did colleagues support your work? Did a supervisor’s guidance contribute to your success? If so, gracefully acknowledge their involvement: “Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without [colleague’s name]’s help” or “Thank you, I’ve learned so much through your mentorship.” This promotes a team-oriented and positive work environment.

4. Maintain Momentum – Compliments Don’t Mean You’ve Peaked

Avoid becoming complacent after receiving praise. A compliment signals you’re on the right track, so preserve your work ethic and strive to maintain the high standards recognized. This shows ongoing commitment to delivering great work.

5. Reciprocate the Positivity

A workplace culture filled with genuine appreciation benefits everyone. Be quick to recognize others’ achievements. Don’t hesitate to offer specific compliments on a colleague’s presentation, problem-solving approach, or leadership.

Bonus Tip: Channel Praise into Opportunity

  • Self-Evaluation: What actions led to the compliment? Can you replicate or grow these efforts?
  • Growth Mindset: Use the feedback to identify potential areas for improvement. Ask for specific suggestions from your supervisor.
  • Portfolio Update: If appropriate, include testimonials or brief anecdotes about the complimented work in your resume or LinkedIn profile.


Phrases to Help Respond to Compliments

  • “Thank you, your feedback means a lot to me.”
  • “I’m glad my work is making a positive impact.”
  • “It was a pleasure working on this project, and I appreciate your acknowledgement.”
  • “Thank you! I’ll keep doing my best.”


Don’t Sabotage Yourself: Avoid These Responses

  • Downplaying Your Achievement: Saying things like “Oh, it was nothing” undermines your hard work.
  • Excessive Deflection: If you repeatedly point to others without accepting personal responsibility, your sincerity could be questioned.
  • Overenthusiasm: While excitement is natural, appearing overly surprised or smug can seem off-putting.


Embrace the Feedback and Grow

Professional compliments don’t mean it’s time to relax. Embrace the positive response, channel it into focused improvement, and watch opportunities continue to open up for you in your career!

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