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EJN Media Grants to Strengthen Infrastructure Reporting in Southeast Asia 2024 (up to $20,000) – Opportunity Desk

Deadline: June 9, 2024

Are you a media outlet based in Southeast Asia interested in boosting media coverage on infrastructure development? Apply now for the EJN Media Grants to Strengthen Infrastructure Reporting in Southeast Asia 2024.

Internews Earth Journalism Network (EJN) is offering two media grants averaging $20,000 per grant to support media and journalism activities to strengthen reporting on infrastructure development and public engagement on infrastructure debates.

Project Themes & Objectives

They welcome activities that seek to improve media content and/or build the capacity of journalists and public content producers to report on infrastructure development and the subsequent threats to the environment and human rights. They expect these activities to increase public awareness and engagement on infrastructure development debates and advocacy, including among marginalized groups disproportionately impacted by such development. 

Examples of activities that can be supported include, but are not limited to: 

  • Training workshops and/or reporting field trips that bring journalists and content producers together with experts on infrastructure development and environmental impacts; 
  • Development of resources, such as virtual learning courses or innovative tools for reporters to conduct media investigations; 
  • Reporting grants for journalists and content producers; 
  • Mentoring of journalists and content producers; 
  • Investigative and/or collaborative infrastructure media reporting projects with a local, national or regional focus; 
  • Cross-sectoral collaborations and knowledge exchange between journalists, information providers and other key actors, such as researchers and governmental bodies; 
  • Partnership and network building for environmental reporting, such as the formation of an journalists’ network or an investigative environmental reporting partnership focusing on infrastructure; 
  • Transboundary media reporting and content sharing among media/information outlets based in different localities or countries; 
  • Open data platform that tracks infrastructure development and projects, and provides analysis from the data collected. 


  • They anticipate supporting two media outlets with an average funding amount of $20,000 each. 


Media outlets from Brunei, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Laos, Singapore and Thailand are welcome to apply.   

Applicants must:   

  • Be a registered media outlet based in any of the above-listed Southeast Asia countries and eligible to receive international funding.  
  • Have previous experience conducting capacity-building activities for journalists;  
  • Understand and be able to communicate in English. For the purposes of this funding opportunity, they will only be accepting applications in English. Unfortunately, they do not have the capacity to consider applications in other languages at this time. Applicants must either have a working understanding of English or have a translator available to assist with communication with Internews staff. 
  • Permit republication by Internews EJN of any output as a result of the media grant.

Judging Criteria

Applications will be evaluated using the following assessment criteria:  

  • The overall quality of the proposal; 
  • The relevance of the proposed project to the objectives and priorities of this grant program and the STRIDES project goals; 
  • The emphasis in the proposal on infrastructure development’s environmental impact in the country or region; 
  • The potential impact of the proposed project, including the quality and effectiveness of the project design;
  • The innovativeness of the proposed activities;
  • The financial viability and cost-effectiveness of the proposed project;
  • The ability of the applicant to carry it out;
  • The geographical spread of the grantees.  


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For more information, visit EJN Grants.

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