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GSK Health Scholarships 2023/2024: Fund Your MSc in the UK | Sub-Saharan African Applicants

GSK Scholarship overview

Picture yourself tackling Africa’s pressing health challenges, armed with cutting-edge knowledge from a top UK university. The GSK Health Scholarships make this dream attainable for exceptional candidates with both dedication and demonstrated financial need. Discover if you’re eligible and how a successful application could change your trajectory!

GSK’s Impact-Driven Mission

These scholarships aren’t just about individual study; they invest in Africa’s healthcare future by:

  • Building Leaders: Aim to shape those driving health policy, research, and on-the-ground services.
  • Strengthening Systems: Tackles skills gaps where they’re most acute, improving care on the continent.
  • Focus on Sub-Saharan Africa: Ensures benefits flow to countries often under-resourced compared to global north programs.

Are You the Right Fit? Key Requirements

GSK targets future changemakers who embody:

  • Residence: Must be citizen of and currently within a sub-Saharan African nation.
  • Return Intent: Plan to apply your gained knowledge back home upon graduation.
  • Financial Barrier: Cannot self-fund, form with supporting docs is crucial.
  • Academics: Hold both prior degree at strong standing AND program offer from LSHTM (applies in 2023 cycle).
  • English Skills: Necessary to thrive in MSc coursework.

What Does a GSK Scholarship Cover?

Scholarship awardees won’t be worrying about funding, allowing full focus:

  • Covered Tuition: This major expense is taken care of, including required field trips
  • Living Stipend: Generous GBP 19,500 for housing, food, etc. in London


The 2-Step Application Process (Deadlines Matter!)

  1. LSHTM Program First: Standard application to your chosen MSc – GSK award depends on having that offer by March 2023
  2. Online Scholarship Form: Separate submission; supplementary questions center on need and impact.
  3. Note: March 1st 2023 Deadline is FIRM – no rushing at the last minute!
  4. May 2023 Decisions: Plan accordingly, visa process for UK can be lengthy if selected.


Insider Tips to Make Your Application Shine

  • Specificity: How does YOUR career path help a named health concern in your country?
  • Passion Counts: Go beyond “good grades” to showing what drives you within this field
  • Letter Writers Matter: Choose recommenders who know your strengths AND goals; give them time.


The Transformative Journey of a GSK Scholar

This isn’t just a degree; it’s becoming part of a community tackling complex problems in Africa. Alumni go on to work for top NGOs, within their government’s health ministries, or start cutting-edge research efforts. The scholarship creates access to opportunity. Does this align with your ambitions for improving lives? Then start by carefully reviewing full details on the GSK Scholarships website!

Visit the official website of the GSK Scholarships 2023/2024 for Future Health Leaders for more information

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