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Global Human Development Scholarships 2023: Fund Your Georgetown Masters | Prepare for Impact

Global Human Development Program (GHD) 2023 Overview

If you aspire to make a meaningful contribution in solving global development challenges, Georgetown University’s Global Human Development (GHD) Program, paired with scholarships specifically for international students, could launch your career. Dive in to see if this prestigious opportunity matches your ambition and experience.

Why the GHD Program Stands Out

It’s more than theory – graduates are in-demand because they:

  • Data-Driven: Economics & statistics training builds solutions not just on good intentions, but facts.
  • Real-World Focus: Capstone projects with orgs ON the ground, not simulations.
  • Georgetown Access: Speakers, internships – it’s about WHO you get connected to alongside academics.
  • International Cohort: Learning from peers across the globe widens your network and deepens understanding of unique needs.

Are You a Good Fit for a GHD Scholarship?

The ideal candidate for funding boasts:

  • Prior Degree: Any field okay, but must have those foundational econ courses
  • Language Skills: Strong English PLUS another is an advantage, as fieldwork may demand this.
  • Work Experience: Not fresh out of undergrad; want to build on what you’ve seen to be effective
  • Global Mindset: Proven interest beyond your home nation helps; study/volunteer abroad ideal.

Scholarship Perks: It's About Opportunity

Several types of funding exist, targeting regions in special need:

  • Full Tuition+: Those top scholars can focus fully on coursework, not debt
  • Partial Coverage: May stack awards or have self-pay, but reduces costs substantially
  • Africa Focus: Special support from donors who understand continent-specific barriers
  • Other Regions: Asia, Latin America have some aid, shows global breadth of program


The Jan 15th Deadline & Strategic Application

  • No Extensions: This program doesn’t mess around; prepare WELL in advance
  • Essay Power: “Why development” needs heart AND future role specifics to impress funders
  • Optional Essay Wise: If there’s a weaker part of your file, THIS is where you explain or show growth from a past struggle.
  • References Matter: People who deeply know your skills beyond resume bullets


The Path of a Georgetown GHD Graduate

Scholarship winners don’t just get trained; they gain entry into a global network of leaders actively making positive change within NGOs, government agencies, think tanks, and the private sector tackling development issues. It’s hard work, but with high reward potential for the right person. Is that you? Then research Georgetown GHD thoroughly on their website to tailor application materials!

How to apply

To qualify for the scholarships, candidates must submit the following application materials:

  1. Online application form
  2. A statement of purpose of 500 words or fewer, addressing the following questions:
    What drives your interest in development work?
    Where do you envision yourself and what pursuits do you anticipate in 2030?
  3. An optional statement of 500 words or fewer, allowing you to highlight any pertinent experiences, contributions, or aspects of your identity that you deem significant and wish for the Admissions Committee to explore further.
  4. A resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  5. Unofficial transcript(s) from all colleges/universities attended, in English. Note: Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions must be uploaded to the application system by applicants.
  6. Three letters of recommendation, preferably from a blend of professional and academic sources, illustrating various facets of your engagement with academic and professional circles.
  7. Applicants with an undergraduate degree from a non-English medium institution must undertake either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  8. While not mandatory, submitting GRE or GMAT scores can be advantageous in certain scenarios: if the undergraduate academic record is comparatively weaker than other aspects of the application; if substantial coursework in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and statistics has not been completed (or was completed many years ago); or if the undergraduate GPA requires contextualization.

Visit the official website for the Global Human Development Program for more information

Click here to access the application portal

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