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Goldman Sachs Growth Fellowship 2023: Elevate Your Business, Female Founders | Apply Today

The 10,000 Women Growth Fellowship Program Overview

If you’ve successfully completed Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women online courses, an even more transformative opportunity awaits: The Goldman Sachs Growth Fellowship Women. This highly selective program brings graduates to New York City (if travel allows) for intensive training, coaching, and access to an inside network most entrepreneurs only dream of.

Why the Growth Fellowship Matters

This isn’t just theory; it targets women founders’ real-world needs:

  • Personalized Help: Tackle bottlenecks YOU face, not generic business advice
  • Top-Tier Expertise: Goldman Sachs people AND outside experts curated for relevance
  • Global Connections: Fellow founders AND firm contacts expand your possibilities
  • Mentorship Matters: Ongoing support long after NYC sessions are critical for staying the course

Eligibility: Have You Done the Prep?

This unique program has prerequisites:

  • Coursera Completion: ALL 10 courses with passing marks; shows follow-through
  • Stay Informed: Specific apply link comes AFTER, so check emails often
  • Travel Possible: 2023 aiming for in-person, pandemic permitting; flexibility helps

What Growth Fellows Gain

Successful applicants can anticipate:

  • Focused Coaching: Laser in on sales, team building – whatever holds YOU back
  • Skill Upgrades: Marketing, leadership stuff MBA programs rarely get practical about
  • Network = Net Worth: Building a cohort AND getting into rooms others pay $$$ for
  • Long-Term Mentors: These connections may lead to investors, collaborators, etc. years down the line

How to apply

To qualify for the Growth Fellowship, ensure you register your details with 10,000 Women and successfully finish all ten FREE online courses designed for Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women entrepreneurs on Coursera. Once you’ve completed all the courses, you’ll receive instructions on how to apply. If you’ve already finished the courses, keep an eye out for an email with additional details.

Timeline & Taking Informed Action

The 2023 Growth Fellowship events, spanning over three days, are scheduled to occur during Women’s History Month in March. Specific dates will be communicated closer to the event. The program will extend beyond the events and run continuously until July 2023.

Visit the official website of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Growth Fellowship 2023

Sign up for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Entrepreneurship course on Coursera for FREE.

Please email: with any questions or inquiries. 

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