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Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2024 for Startups (€100K Grand Prize) – Opportunity Desk

Deadline: September 22, 2024

Applications are invited for the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge 2024 for Startups. The Global Challenge is a renowned international startup competition organized by Hello Tomorrow since 2014. It is uniquely designed to address the needs of early-stage deep tech startups across all industries.

The Challenge gives deep tech and science-based entrepreneurs around the globe a platform for their projects, providing opportunities for equity-free funding, global visibility and connections with key players in the deep tech ecosystem. To date, previous winners and finalists have already raised more than $3 billion in funding.

They welcome all deep tech startups. You should be able to fit in at least one of the 10 Global Challenge tracks this year:

  • Aerospace
  • Advanced Computing & Electronics
  • Digital Health & Medical Devices
  • Energy 
  • Environment & Biodiversity
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Industrial Biotech & New Materials
  • Industry & Machines
  • Medical Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
  • Sustainable Construction & Infrastructure.



  • Winners get 1-to-1 coaching & personal introductions with potential investors, partners and clients.
  • Connect with industry experts, investors & fellow entrepreneurs at their Global Summit.
  • Join a Deep Tech Pioneers community for all-year access to a global network.


  • Receive the Deep Tech Pioneer recognition & get a chance to be featured in our reports and invited to speak at future events.
  • Pitch or showcase opportunities in front of renowned industry leaders & investors.
  • Get spotted by international media, with interview opportunities.


  • €100K Grand Prize, €25K 2nd prize and €25K pre-VC stage prize – all equity-free, no strings attached.
  • Advertise your open fundraising to their active international investor network.
  • Join their Investor Day for 1-on-1 meetings with 300+ renowned VCs and CVCs.


They welcome startups that:

  • Are in the early-stage of development (from not yet incorporated startups up to series A or early commercialization stage).
  • Are based on a new technology, a scientific discovery or a complex engineering process.
  • Have a scientific validation of their claim, a proof of concept, a prototype, or are in the process of producing one.
  • Have a team of at least 2 people. 
  • Are not a subsidiary or spin-off of an existing company.
  • Foresee an economically viable application on the market within 15 years.
  • Have the potential to have a strong impact on the industry targeted, and on society or the environment in general.


Click here to apply

For more information, see FAQ and visit Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge.

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