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Honjo International Scholarship Japan 2023

Understanding the Honjo Scholarship

Have you always dreamed of pursuing a graduate degree in Japan? The Honjo International Scholarship could be your gateway to achieve your goals, not only covering core studies, but also providing funds to make an impact at international conferences. Let’s dive into the program, eligibility requirements, and how to submit a winning application.

This distinguished scholarship supports outstanding foreign students committed to furthering knowledge within Japan’s vibrant academic environment:

  • Broad scope: All nationalities and research fields are encouraged to apply.
  • Flexibility: Both masters and doctoral students qualify, though professional graduate schools generally don’t align with the program.
  • Duration matches degree: Monthly payments continue across the standard time needed for program completion.

Are You Eligible? Essential Criteria

The Honjo Scholarship targets a specific subset of applicants. Ensure you meet these requirements:

  • Non-Japanese citizenship: International students are the focus.
  • 2023 Graduate School Start: Enrollment confirmed or planned for Autumn.
  • Age limits: Doctoral applicants max age 35, masters max age 30.
  • Community focus: Applicants should have clear goals on using their education back in their home countries.
  • Japanese language skills: Daily conversational ability needed for interviews.

Benefits - Beyond Money

Honjo Scholars receive:

  • Substantial stipends: Amounts adjust based on degree length (¥150,000 – ¥200,000 monthly)
  • Conference Travel Grants: Expand your network and present on a global stage.
  • Alumni network: Ongoing connection to past Honjo scholars for a support system.

Timeline: Don't Miss These Dates

  • Application Window: April 1-30 2023 – No extensions, early submission advised.
  • Screening Results: June 30, 2023 – Stay updated via their website
  • Interviews: July 2023 (typically in Tokyo, remote options can occur)
  • Final Decisions: July 31, 2023

How to Apply: Your Checklist

  1. Online system: All submissions happen through the dedicated portal.
  2. Detailed application form: Complete fully, save PDF backup for later reference.
  3. Academic record: Transcripts needed; provide certified translations if not in Japanese/English.
  4. Japanese-language Research Proposal: Strict template provided by Honjo Foundation.
  5. Supervisor recommendation: Emphasizes your strengths, goals, & potential.
  6. Proof of Admission: Accepted applicants have advantage, those still applying can show strong potential within their field.


Pro Tips for Success

  • Tailor research proposal: Showcase how it aligns with Japanese expertise or needs within your field.
  • Highlight international mindset: Demonstrate passion for collaboration & sharing knowledge across borders.
  • Japanese fluency matters: Even small improvements prior to the interview show initiative.


The Honjo Legacy in Education

Becoming a Honjo Scholar means contributing to a community dedicated to using knowledge as a force for positive change. If you are academically gifted, internationally-minded, and fluent enough in Japanese to thrive in your studies, this scholarship may be your perfect launchpad toward future successes

Visit the official website for the Honjo International scholarship for for Foreign Students more information

Click here to access the application portal

For questions regarding applications, please email:

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