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John and Alice Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement 2025 (up to $250,000) – Opportunity Desk

Deadline: August 9, 2024

Applications are open for the John and Alice Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement 2025. The John and Alice Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement is awarded for scientific work on the environment, energy, and health, resulting in important benefits for humanity. The Prize is endowed by gifts from the John and Alice Tyler Charitable Trusts, and awardees are chosen annually by the Executive Committee. The University of Southern California is the administrator of the Tyler Prize.

The fundamental objective of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement is to recognize outstanding contributions to:

  • Protection, maintenance, improvement, or understanding of an ecological or an environmental condition;
  • Discovery, development, or improvement of sustainable sources of energy; and
  • Understanding of, or improvements to planetary health, and global solutions.


  • The Annual Award is $250,000. Joint winners share the cash prize.


  • Individuals and public or private organizations are eligible for consideration.
  • Nominations from all parts of the world are welcomed and encouraged.


The work of the nominee(s) is expected to:

  • Be based on strong science, including natural and, or social sciences;
  • Address global inequalities and solutions;
  • Demonstrate measurable/scalable impacts on an environmental issue, policy, or practice.
  • Demonstrate engagement with the younger generation.


Nominations must be submitted in the English language and include the following information as requested below in the online Nomination Form (Nomination of an individual or Nomination of an organization).

Information that will be required for the nomination form:

  • Full names, addresses, home or cell phone, etc. of Nominee and Nominator. All nomination forms must include the home and/or mobile number of the nominee and nominator. The nomination form is now an online submission form. Note: there are now two forms to choose from, the individual or organization form.
  • A one to two-page summary of the individual’s or organization’s accomplishments, discovery, improvement, or other contribution for which the award is proposed, including links to appropriate websites and works.
  • A list of 3 to 5 individuals (please include a contact name, organization, and email address) who would be ready to provide reference letters if the nomination is advanced to the short list. References will be expected to provide specific information about the impact of the nominee’s work as well as the other criteria for the Prize.
  • In the case of a nomination for an individual, a Short Curriculum Vitae should be submitted and include links, (if available), to appropriate publications, reports, and websites featuring the unique contribution(s) for which the nomination is being made.
  • In the case of a nomination for an organization, provide a brochure or datasheet, links to the website, all relevant data, and any additional information in support of the nomination.
  • Submissions must be submitted through one of the online forms (contact [email protected] for accessibility exceptions).
  • Submission materials: ALL FILE NAMES MUST INCLUDE THE NOMINATION YEAR AND NAME OF THE NOMINEE. (Examples: JoannaSmithREFEREES2025, ACMEReferees2025, JoannaSmith2025CV, GOOGLEreferees2025, etc.)

For more information, visit John and Alice Tyler Prize.

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