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Khalifa International Award for Early Learning 2023: Elevate Your Work in Education | Submit Today

Khalifa International Award Overview

If you’re passionate about shaping the lives of young learners, the Khalifa International Award for Early Learning presents a unique opportunity to earn visibility for your contributions and gain valuable resources for future innovations within the field. This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding efforts across both research and practical program implementation. Let’s see if you could be a contender!

About the Khalifa Award: Why It Matters

Supported by the UAE, this isn’t just about individual gain; it aims to:

  • Fund New Knowledge: Research that pushes early childhood education to the next level
  • Highlight Best Practice: Shining a spotlight on programs transforming child outcomes
  • Global Scope: Seeks solutions applicable across different countries and cultures.
  • Spotlight on Inclusion: Recognizing efforts toward meeting the needs of differently-abled learners.

Are You Eligible? Key Conditions

The Award invites submissions from:

  • Individuals or Teams: Collaboration IS valued, just need a clear leader for award logistics
  • International Applicants: Anyone may apply; past awards have gone outside the UAE
  • No Double-Dipping: Can’t win this AND something very similar within close timeframe
  • Original Work: Can’t resubmit a thesis, but NEW research based on prior degree IS okay


Categories & Benefits

Two Winners in Each Receive:

  • Research: Advances understanding of early learning processes/challenges
  • Programs: Evidence of improving child outcomes (academic, social-emotional, etc.)
  • Substantial Prize: $50,000 USD is significant seed money for your next project or to scale success
  • Prestige: Gaining “Khalifa Award Laureate” title helps future grants and partnerships

Timeline - Act Now!

  • Sept 2022 – Feb 28, 2023: Applications are open (don’t wait to prepare!)
  • March-May 2023: Thorough judging process; patience needed
  • June 2023: Ceremony – travel costs to UAE likely covered as winner


Application Tips

  • Strict Online: No exceptions made outside their system for late or partial submissions
  • English Standard: If it’s your 2nd language, get native speaker edits in final draft
  • Impact is Key: Not about just doing good work, but PROVING positive change
  • Specificity Wins: Vague “better learning” goals fail in strong applicant pool


The Power of Becoming a Khalifa Laureate

Beyond the money, winners become part of an international community focused on improving the earliest years of life when learning potential is sky-high. Does your work align with those principles? Then it’s worth investing time to compile a stellar application showcasing your research or project in detail. Check the Khalifa Award website for exact submission guidelines!

Visit the official website for the Khalifa International Award for Early Learning Field for more information

Click here to access the application portal

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