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TechWomen 2023: Elevate Your STEM Career | US Training for Global Women Leaders

TechWomen Program Overview

If you’re a woman in STEM eager to advance your skills, network with top tech innovators, and become a role model back home, TechWomen could propel you forward. This transformative program empowers, funds, and creates incredible opportunities within your professional field. Let’s unpack why it’s worth pursuing!

What Makes TechWomen Unique

This isn’t a mere “fellowship”; it’s designed to ignite change:

  • Global Community: Connects women in tech across nations for lifelong knowledge-sharing
  • US Mentorship: Learn at high-profile companies within Silicon Valley & beyond
  • Inspiring the Future: You return ready to help girls see themselves in STEM pathways
  • Focus on Targeted Regions: Benefits countries where women may face extra hurdles in tech industries.

Eligibility: Do You Fit The TechWomen Profile?

Ideal candidates have:

  • Work Experience: 2+ years, paid, within a STEM sector (internships don’t fully count)
  • Proven Degree: Bachelor’s minimum in related field
  • English Fluency: Essential for program immersion
  • Country Match: Must be citizen AND based in a listed nation to bring skills home
  • US Visa Eligibility: Bureaucratic, but can’t participate without J-1 type


“Emerging Leader” Traits Preferred

These stand out on applications:

  • Ambition: Goes beyond a job, wanting to impact your industry/back home.
  • Giving Back: Volunteerism or mentorship in any form highlights character.
  • Limited US Time: Prior long stays decrease likelihood; it’s about fresh exposure.

What Does TechWomen Provide? (Basically Everything)

Accepted participants focus on growth, as costs are handled:

  • Travel Support: Round-trip international flights covered!
  • Domestic US: Flights, transport around locations within the program schedule
  • Housing & Meals: Allows focus on networking, learning, not rent searching
  • DC Component: Exposes you to policy side of how tech is regulated


Key Deadlines & Action Steps

  • Nov. 2022 Portal Opens: Get familiar with their system early
  • Jan 13, 2023 – IT CLOSES: No grace period, plan to have submitted in advance
  • April 2023 Updates: Status check – if semifinalist, interview prep begins
  • May 2023 Finalists: Then it’s visa prep for fall program – intense process!


Tips for the Online Application

  • Your Impact: Be vivid on how this propels your work to next level; broad goals less compelling
  • References: Choose wisely; recent supervisors who can sing your praises are ideal
  • Proofread: Simple typos in essay signal not paying attention, which tech world demands


The Ripple Effect You Create

By becoming a TechWoman, you don’t just benefit personally; you join a force for progress within your field and your nation. Is this an opportunity your talent and determination deserves? Then start by visiting the official TechWomen: site for program fine print and the application link when it goes live.

Visit the official website for the TechWomen Training and fellowship program for more information

Click here to access the application portal

For questions regarding applications, please email:

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