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The France–South Africa Scholarship Programme 2024/2025 for Southern Africans to study in France (Fully Funded) – Opportunities For Africans

Application Deadline: 14 October 2024 23:59.

Applications are now open for the 2024/2025 France–South Africa Scholarship Programme. The France – South Africa Scholarship Programme is directed to South African students who intend to study in universities or higher education institutions in France for their Master’s degree or PhD.

The France – South Africa Scholarship Programme is directed to South African students who intend to study in universities or higher education institutions in France for their Master’s degree or PhD. The programme is also open to students from Lesotho and Malawi.


  • The programme is also open to students from Lesotho and Malawi.

Eligible study programmes

The study programmes eligible for the France South Africa scholarship programme are masters or PhD programmes in a French higher education institution located in France.  Make sure that your programme is actually recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research: SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) only validate those diploma once you get back to South Africa. Also note, that a lot of Master of Science (MSc) are not Master’s degrees, and are not recognised in France.    

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for the France – South Africa Scholarship Programme, applicants must be:

— Born on or after 1st January 1995.

— A citizen of South Africa, Lesotho or Malawi.

— Enrolled in a French Higher Education institution (in due time) to pursue a Master’s degree or PhD.

The scholarship is granted for a given period to be spent in France, matching the necessary time required to obtain the degree:

Scholarship types

Two schemes are possible under the France – South Africa Scholarship Programme:

— A full scholarship by the Embassy of France. It includes:

— The status of a France Excellence scholarship holder which includes social security, priority for accessing student housing, visa fee exemption and assistance offered by Campus France Paris.

— A return flight ticket to France.

— A monthly allowance (approximately 850 euros for Master students and 1400 euros for PhD students).

— An additional individualized accommodation aid (approximately 150 euros/month) can be obtained from the French Government via the CAF.

Please, note that the scholarship does not include the tuition fees. France has a large choice of options, and you may find a very good programme with almost no tuition fees. If you need help, you can contact Campus France. 

Selection process

Applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of their files. Candidates whose applications have been pre-selected will be interviewed. In order to identify grant recipients, the Advisory board will consider:

— The candidate’s skills and merit as indicated by his/her academic record and professional background.

— The quality of his/her studies project and its coherence with his/her background.

— For PhD applicants, the Advisory Board will favour PhDs under co-supervision and commitment of South African and French supervisors will be decisive;

— The level of proficiency in foreign languages and its adequacy with the chosen study programmes.

Deliberations and final decisions are beyond dispute.


  • A webinar will be organized in June 2024 to provide students with useful information to prepare their applications. Follow Campus France South Africa on social media for webinar information
  • Interview of the eligible candidates: November 2024.
  • Results: end of November/early December 2024.
  • Specific programme in South Africa (online French courses and possibly an internship): February 2025 – July 2025.
  • Departure to France: Early September 2025.

Application Procedure:

The application file is to be submitted online only and must include:

For all applicants

A complete application form (online).

A passport copy.

An up-to-date résumé that also states the candidate’s entire academic history.

A cover letter explaining motivations and interests in the planned academic project.

Copies of academic degree certificates (Bachelor or Master only).

University transcripts (academic marks) of at least two years of studies.

For Master’s level candidates

Candidates will need to provide proof of acceptance at one of the study programmes indicated during their application. Proof of acceptance must be provided between February and May/June 2025. During the application process, candidates are encouraged to submit their email exchanges with their chosen higher education institutions in France in place of the acceptance letter.

List of identified study programmes that the student intends on applying to, including link to the programmes webpages, the application dates for these courses and the tuition fees. A maximum of 3 study programmes is permitted, and should be entered by order of preference.

For PhD applicants

A supervisor commitment letter (or by the two supervisors, South African and French in case of a co-tutelle) indicating their commitment to supervise in France and in South Africa. 

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the France–South Africa Scholarship Programme

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