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Andrea Levy Scholarship 2023: Study in the UK, Fully Funded | University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh Andrea Levy Scholarship Overview

Imagine pursuing a world-class education at the esteemed University of Edinburgh without the burden of tuition costs. For qualified students of Caribbean and African descent facing economic hurdles, the Andrea Levy Scholarship opens these doors. This transformative program aims to honor the late author’s legacy while building a new generation of diverse leaders prepared to uplift their communities.

The Power of the Andrea Levy Legacy

Born in London to Jamaican parents, Andrea Levy’s novels often centered on Black British themes and historical identity. This scholarship:

  • Celebrates Heritage: Recognizes the value of diverse lived experiences within academia.
  • Invests in Futures: Targets rising voices who may have otherwise struggled due to financial means.
  • Fosters Community: May create network amongst Levy Scholars across future cohorts.

Eligibility: Are You the Right Fit?

The University seeks applicants meeting these key criteria:

  • Heritage: Black African, Caribbean, those of mixed background including Caribbean roots (this is broader than some awards)
  • Location: ‘Home’ student within the UK (Scotland, England, etc.)
  • Financial Need: Household income verified as under £34,000 annually prioritized
  • First Degree Only: You cannot have begun another undergraduate program elsewhere.
  • 2023 Entry: Applying for fall start at University of Edinburgh

Generous Benefits: More Than Just Tuition

Scholarship winners receive:

  • Covered Tuition: Removes major financial barrier common to overseas study.
  • Living Stipend: £5,000/year helps alleviate housing, food, material costs.
  • Stackable With Access Edinburgh Award: Potential to reach up to £10,000 total per year of funding!
  • Duration: Consistent through graduation for most (typically 4 years, longer if program dictates)


Application Checklist & Timeline

  1. Verify Eligibility: Double-check all items before putting in time.
  2. April 14, 2023 Deadline: No extension offered, work on essays early.
  3. Prepare Statement: (600-900 words) is core of application – make it resonate!
  4. June 2023 Decisions: Stay updated on provided contact (email!)


Your Compelling Application Narrative

  • Focus on Achievements: What makes YOU stand out, even amidst adversity? (Academics, work, etc.)
  • Scholarship Impact: Why is THIS award key to meeting your potential? Be specific about goals.
  • Giving Back: Show how your gained knowledge will positively ripple into your community.


Interview Insights

Those shortlisted should expect an interview. This serves:

  • To Clarify: They may wish to dig deeper on something from your application.
  • To Connect: Judges want to feel your unique spark, be enthused about your studies.
  • For YOU: Ask those on-the-ground questions: Is Edinburgh the right fit?


The Dream Made Possible

Becoming an Andrea Levy Scholar is about defying economic limits and gaining academic credentials on a global stage. It’s a doorway to fulfilling both your career ambitions and personal aspirations. If this excites you, take the first step: learn more on their official scholarship website and start crafting your application today!

Visit the official website of the University of Edinburgh Andrea Levy Scholarship for more information

Click here to access the application portal

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