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Email Subject Lines for Resume Submissions: Your Key to Standing Out

What to write in the subject of the email to send resume?


In today’s digital job market, your email is the gateway to securing that dream interview. The way you present yourself – starting with your subject line – is critical for differentiating yourself in a crowded inbox. Don’t let a poorly crafted subject line cause your resume to be lost in the shuffle! Optimize your chances of success by learning how to craft attention-grabbing email subjects and persuasive message bodies.

The Power of the Subject Line: Attracting Recruiter Attention

Your subject line is your resume’s virtual handshake. Here’s what makes it click:

  • Clarity & Conciseness: Eliminate wordiness, focusing on the job title and your name.
  • Keywords: Incorporate terms from the job description for easy filtering.
  • Format: Example: “CV/Resume – [Your Name] – [Job Title] Application”
  • Customization: Tailor to each application; generic subjects land in the trash.
  • Company Guidelines: Heed any specific instructions provided in the job ad.


Example Subject Lines to Inspire You:

  • “Application for Marketing Coordinator – Sarah Johnson”
  • “Experienced Accountant CV – Michael Lee – [Job Reference Number]”
  • “Resume: Web Developer – Jane Doe – Portfolio Ready for Review”

Email Body: Showcasing Your Professional Persona

A professional email introduction makes a positive first impression. Include:

  1. Formal Greeting: “Dear [Hiring Manager Name]” (if known) or “Dear Hiring Team.” Avoid casual openers based on the time of day.
  2. Brief Intro: State your name, educational level, and interest in the specific position. Mention how you found the opening (e.g., job board, referral).
  3. Qualifications Match: Highlight 2-3 relevant skills aligning with the job requirements. Include compelling, brief anecdotes showing results when possible.
  4. Company Insight: Showcase your research to build connection (e.g., “I’m inspired by [Company’s] recent expansion plans…”)
  5. Call to Action: Express gratitude for the opportunity and enthusiasm for a potential interview. Provide phone contact, portfolio/LinkedIn if applicable.


Resume Essentials: Optimize Your Attached PDF

  • File Name: “FirstName_LastName_Resume.pdf”
  • Readability: Easy-to-scan formatting matters across devices.
  • Key Sections: Contact info, professional objective, education, relevant experience, skills aligning with the job.


Additional Tips to Maximize Your Impact

  • Professional Email: Avoid informal addresses; yours should be your name or its variation.
  • Proofreading: Thoroughly proofread before hitting send; errors signal carelessness.
  • Tailored Approach: Don’t recycle content from application to application.
  • Consider a polite follow-up if you haven’t heard back within a reasonable timeframe.


Your application email subject line introduces you to a potential employer. Let it capture their focus and entice them to further review your qualifications. By combining a winning subject line with tailored messaging in the email body, you’ll maximize your chance of securing the interview stage and taking a significant step towards achieving your career goals.

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