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KNB Scholarship Indonesia: A Fully-Funded Path to Study Abroad | 2023 Guide

KNB Scholarships Overview

Have you dreamed of earning a high-quality degree in Indonesia while immersing yourself in its dynamic culture? The KNB Scholarship (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang) could be your ticket to this educational adventure – completely funded! Offered by the Indonesian government, this program empowers students from developing nations to achieve their academic goals within Indonesia’s renowned universities.

Understanding the KNB Scholarship

  • A legacy of support: Since 2006, over 1,600 international scholars have benefited from this prestigious program.
  • Flexibility for your path: Pursue bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degrees at your chosen level.
  • Who is it for? Primarily targeting citizens of developing nations eager to advance their skills and bring knowledge back to their home countries.

Am I Eligible? Requirements Explained

The KNB Scholarship has specific criteria depending on your program choice:

  • Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) Requirements:

    • Age limit: 25 years old maximum
    • High school diploma / transcripts required
    • English proficiency: Valid TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC scores essential
    • Recommendations: Embassy, employer, and academic references are key
    • Citizenship proof
  • Master’s Degree Requirements:

    • Age limit: 35 years old maximum
    • Bachelor’s degree / transcripts are mandatory
    • English proficiency: Similar test scores required
    • Recommendations: Same as undergraduate, showcasing your continued growth
  • Doctoral Degree Requirements:

    • Age limit: 40 years old maximum
    • Master’s degree / transcripts are non-negotiable
    • English proficiency: Higher score expectations here
    • Research focus: Clear dissertation proposal, strong supervisor letter needed

The Generous Benefits of the KNB Scholarship

Imagine having the following covered as a KNB scholar:

  • Settlement support: Arrival stipend for initial expenses
  • Living allowance: Monthly funds for basic needs
  • Research & books: Supporting your academic path
  • Health insurance: Coverage with limits provided
  • Round-trip flights: From your home country to Indonesia
  • Program-specific duration: Funding aligns with your degree length

Important 2023 Dates to Remember

  • Apply by: February 18th, 2023 – the sooner, the better!
  • Results announced: Early June 2023
  • Confirmation deadline: July 23rd, 2023
  • Arrival in Indonesia: Anticipated for second week of July 2023

How to Apply: Your Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Download Invitation Letter: Start the process here
  3. Embassy recommendation: Crucial step, submit academic records too
  4. Online application: Fill out thoroughly, attach all documents
  5. Selection process: Be patient as applications are reviewed
  6. Stay informed: Regularly check the KNB website for updates


Insider Tip

Soliciting for this scholarship is strictly prohibited. Showcase your strengths and merit – it will shine through!

Your Opportunity Awaits

The KNB Scholarship isn’t just about gaining a degree; it’s about joining a community of scholars making an impact. If you meet the criteria and desire an unforgettable academic journey, don’t wait. Embark on your Indonesian adventure today!

Visit the official website of the KNB Scholarship 2023 for more information

Click here to access the application portal

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