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Rotary Peace Fellowship 2024/2025: Advance Your Peacebuilding Career | Fully Funded

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program Overview

If resolving conflict, promoting cooperation, and creating a more just world ignite your passion, the Rotary Peace Fellowship could be your catalyst. Through academic study, mentorship, and real-world field experience, this highly competitive program arms exceptional individuals with the tools to address the root causes of conflict and contribute to the future of global peace.

What Makes the Rotary Peace Fellowship Unique

  • Global Network: Join fellow changemakers from diverse backgrounds on a shared mission.
  • Choice of Paths: Pursue either a masters program or intensive professional certificate, depending on your experience level.
  • Prestigious Partner Universities: Access top-tier programs focused on research-backed peacebuilding strategies.
  • Comprehensive Funding: Takes care of all major educational expenses, allowing full focus on your studies.

Eligibility: Are You a Fit?

Rotary seeks applicants with the following qualities:

  • Work Experience: At least 3 years in peacebuilding/development field (5 for certificate).
  • Strong English Proficiency: Essential for program completion.
  • Cross-Cultural Mindset: Embraces collaboration across backgrounds.
  • Dedication to Peace: Reflects in both work and volunteer service.
  • Leadership Capacity: Proven ability to guide or impact projects.
  • Academic Achievements: Solid bachelor’s degree minimum.
  • 3-Year Gap: Some time must have passed since your last major degree was completed.


Program Options – Which Suits You Best?

  1. Masters Degrees:

    • Locations: Australia, England, Japan, Sweden, USA
    • 15-24 months + field placement
    • Best for mid-career expanding their knowledge base with focus on theory and research
  2. Professional Certificate:

    • Locations: Thailand, Uganda
    • 1 year, intense field & practice emphasis
    • Ideal for hands-on impact within established initiatives, community focus

The Generous Benefits Package

Rotary eliminates financial barriers:

  • Tuition & Fees: Focus on peacebuilding, not bills
  • Living Expenses: Room and board included
  • Round-Trip Travel: To your program location
  • Field Study Costs: Get experience where it matters!
  • Health Insurance: Protection to focus on wellbeing


Beyond the Classroom: Developing Future Peace Leaders

Rotary Fellowship extends beyond coursework to include:

  • Professional Workshops: Polish those soft skills vital for building alliances or policy
  • Global Network Access: Tap into Rotary’s vast resources within your sector
  • Research Culmination: Present your thesis/capstone and get feedback from field experts

Important Timelines and Application Help

  • May 15, 2024 Application Deadline: This program attracts the best; start planning now.
  • July 1, 2024 Endorsement Needed: Local Rotary guidance is KEY, make those connections early.
  • Online Submission: Instructions found at


Insider Tips for a Winning Application

  • Impact Focus: HOW will your studies make a tangible difference in your future field?
  • Tailored Essay: Match your strengths, goals to the chosen university’s area of specialization within peacebuilding.
  • Rotary Alignment: Peace work comes in many forms – research how their mission intersects with your field.


The Ripple Effect You Create

As a Rotary Peace Fellow, you don’t just gain knowledge; you join a powerful community of individuals and organizations committed to addressing the world’s most pressing conflicts. This fellowship can propel your mission from dream to reality. Do you possess the drive and vision they seek? Start your application today!

How to apply

Applications for the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2024/2025 for Masters & Professional development certificate program is done ONLINE

Visit the official website for the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2024/2025 for more information

Click here to access the application portal

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