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University of Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarship 2023/2024 | Make an Impact, Earn Your Masters in the UK

Developing Solutions Masters Scholarships 2023/2024 Overview

Do you have innovative ideas about solving challenges facing your home country? The University of Nottingham Developing Solutions Masters Scholarships offer a unique opportunity to earn a prestigious UK degree while gaining the essential skills needed to drive change back home. If this sounds like your path, this guide explores eligibility, benefits, and the application process.

Why the ‘Developing Solutions’ Mindset Matters

This isn’t just about gaining a masters; it’s about becoming a development champion:

  • Targeted Impact: Focused on key social, economic, environmental, or political issues within eligible countries.
  • Real-World Skills: University of Nottingham programs are globally recognized, translating theory into tangible actions.
  • Generous Funding: 50-100% tuition scholarships remove major financial hurdles.
  • UK Experience: Exposure to another educational system can unlock fresh perspectives on solving problems.

Are You Eligible? Key Requirements

The ideal candidate for this highly selective scholarship embodies:

  • Country of Origin: Hailing from Africa, India, or one of the approved Commonwealth nations (full list on their website)
  • Home Focus: Driven to use this masters program to improve conditions in your country of origin.
  • Academic Offer: MUST already hold an acceptance offer for the 2023/2024 program within specific faculties.
  • Overseas Student Status: Primarily for residents of eligible countries who haven’t yet pursued study abroad.


Important Note: This scholarship IS NOT for established UK students or those who’ve already studied outside their home country.

Scholarship Perks: Make Your Vision Reality

Winners can anticipate:

  • Substantial Tuition Coverage: Offers range from 50% up to FULL funding – a vital investment in your future.
  • Choice of Focus: Pick from Engineering, Medicine/Health, Science, or Social Sciences based on where you can maximize impact.


2023/2024 Timeline: Mark Your Calendar

  • May 17, 2023 Deadline: Don’t delay, applying sooner increases chances if program spots fill
  • Two-Step Process: 1. Secure the University of Nottingham program offer FIRST 2. THEN apply for the scholarship itself separately


The Application Process

  1. Program Search: Browse eligible masters programs before pursuing application
  2. Get Accepted: Gaining your place in the degree program is a prerequisite for scholarship consideration.
  3. NottinghamHub: Scholarship application done online within their student portal
  4. MRes Guidance: If your accepted program is MRes rather than standard Masters, email them for specific instructions


Pro Tip

Showcase your ideas on how this degree directly benefits a pressing issue in your country within your application’s statement! Highlight what problem you hope to solve, with actionable approaches fueled by your chosen UK specialization.

The Journey of a ‘Developing Solutions’ Scholar

While gaining technical knowledge is core to the program, this scholarship aims to ignite future leaders committed to using that education on the ground back home. The University of Nottingham believes in creating agents of positive change for a more equitable and sustainable world. Does this vision resonate with your future goals? Then start today!

Visit the official website for the University of Nottingham Developing Solutions Masters Scholarships for more information

Click here to apply through the Nottinghamhub

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